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We know weddings are a lot to take on and plan. Event 412 will make the entertainment process as stress-free as possible while delivering your dream wedding experience. We will cover every detail with our easy to use online planner,  music selection  app, and in-person meetings. Our experienced team is here to guide you and work with you through every detail.

We feel each celebration should be truly custom-tailored, and that includes your entertainment experience.

Our Goals to Success!

Our team is truly excited And honored that you will be planning your big day with us. We will walk you through the entire design that will pack your dance floor, making sure guests have a memorable time. We like to have a minimum of 2 in-person meetings to plan your wedding. If this is not possible then we can schedule a virtual life or phone meeting. Events 412 streamlines the process, making it stress free.

Every event needs a host to direct the night. Our host will work through all of your wedding details that we're discussed during our planning meetings. Event 412 prides ourselves on having professional, entertaining, and enthusiastic MC’s / Hosts. We don’t get out and dance with you or do tacky stand up comedy; We do our job of putting you in the light of the night.

Our DJ’s are not like the ones you’ve seen at past weddings and events. They play, mix, and blend songs that orchestrate your unique wedding soundtrack.

When you book with Event 412, know that our skill and drive make everyone dance and keep the entertainment at a constant 10.

Lighting is a must have element that takes your wedding to the next level. It’s a classy and luxurious way to colorfully flood your dance floor, creating the perfect space for your guests to have fun and shuffle their feet to the beat. Our packages always include dance floor lighting and we also offer creative lighting with our customized up lighting. Let’s book a consult and talk more about how lighting will elevate your event!

Have you ever been at an event where the music was so loud that you couldn’t hear the person next to you? Or, maybe you have been to a wedding where you are trying to listen to the speeches and not able to hear them due to the volume being to low. Well, when you book with Events 412, all of these rookie mistakes will not occur. Our professional team will educate speakers on proper speech etiquette and ensure that all audio is set to the perfect volume. We have it all covered!

You can plan your entire wedding on your phone!

We know you may have a busy life and we provide cutting edge and stress free planning processes. This is why we invest in custom apps and will walk you through how to use them effectively and easily.